Cocoa Amore

Website, styling and photography created for Pete Gardner of Cocoa Amore, a passionate indepedent Chocolatier based in the city of Leicester, the Midlands, England.


Mission: to create immersive images to echo the theatre of Cocoa Amore's chocolatier shop, that could be used for marketing purposes and to create a tantalising website to showcase Cocoa Amore's chocolate creations, promote events, workshops, online shop and more.

"Being a lover of fine chocolate, albeit sometimes l would be quite happy with a Freddo bar, Pete Gardner of Cocoa Amore's brief to create immersive images and a website to echo the theatre of COCOA AMORE'S chocolate shop, was an absolute delight!"








Website Design, Curation & Photography
Screenshot 2020-07-05 at 09.07.21.png
Screenshot 2020-07-05 at 09.09.17.png


We love our new website, marketing material and our images! They have elivated what we do and what we say we do!


We and our customers ABSOLUTLEY love what you have created

Pete Gardner