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I’m so thankful for the incredible website Gina created for me. It was such a joy to see it come to life. Gina has an incredible eye for detail and creative flair. She totally understood my Brand from the get go and wrote most of the scripted content.


It was so nice to work alongside another creative who has a love like I do for the fine art. When Gina offered to collaborate and design the new website I was very excited. I trusted that Gina understood my vision and could appreciate my desire for a pretty aesthetic but equally the importance of the website being user friendly so my brides could seamlessly browse and purchase products with ease.


Her effortless and professional approach to the design process made the experience very relaxed and enjoyable.  Gina kept me up to date and informed me of the project timeline from the onset.  Gina communicated with me throughout the entire process and put my mind at ease when I had any questions.


Gina has created a beautiful website for and taught me how to manage my website going forward so that I have complete control over it - which is incredibly important to me. 


As a designer, my days are jam-packed with crafting and processing orders which doesn’t leave much time for much else. So the simplistic and straightforward process of amending and updating my website is perfect for me.


Gina has shown me immense generosity and kindness both with her knowledge and time. The process has been delightful and I encourage anyone looking for a professional and satisfying creative experience to work with Gina. 


Megan Therese