Rutland Charcuterie

Website and photography created for Nick and Nicky Brake at Rutland Charcuterie, Specialists in Salami & Air Dried Meat, based in the heart of Rutland, England.


Mission: to create a visually appealling, website, that is clean looking, easy to navigate, increase on line sales and to "make meat look attractive", as Nick Brake the owner put it.




Being a lover of Charcuterie I adored working with the warm and fun team at Rutland Charcuterie in Braunston.


Rutland Charcuterie's produce is exceptional and worth every penny. Their passion and love affair for what they do truly does shine through. We had such fun creating their photography in their incredible home kitchen, that we could probably fit both our own houses into, amazing!



Rutland Charcuterie's Website and Photography


Thank you so much for our glorious website and photography, it is beyond what we were hoping for!


Very professional, and visually appealing. Our customers love it and it is gleaming much attention.

Nick & Nicky Brake