Why we keep control and ownership firmly in the hands of our clients


As business owners ourselves, we understand the importance of having complete control & ownership over our Assets. What do we mean? Well, too many times we work with business owners that let their web designer own their Assets, leaving them at the mercy of their web designer!


The web designer can charge exorbitant fees to make the simplest of changes, the relationship between the client and the web designer may deteriorate, they could quit, or even die, leaving you with no access to your website, nore its content. 


So many business owners place their trust in others to create a website, purchase a domain and hosting, etc.and fail to ask the right questions. This page has been created for business owners like you to help keep ownership firmly in your hands.

Our approach when it comes to the business owner's control


Our Ethos has our clients best interests at Heart. We will always suggest that our clients create their own accounts in their business name when they wish to purchase a domain, website hosting, email, etc. and if they are not confident in doing it themselves, we will create the accounts on their behalf, using their business name and their details, so that they have full control of this aspect of their business. If and when the time comes that they wish to move to another web designer, they can provide them with access to do their job whilst the business owner retains control.

We also provide our clients with a complete copy of the content of their website - afterall, they have paid us to create a website, so the website and contents belongs to them! 




Who really owns your domain name/s

  • If you do not purchase your own domain, but someone else buys it - technically they own the domain if they bought it in their name or account. Taking control of a domain owned by someone else can be a very difficult process. You should register your own domain in your business name, own the account and have access to the domain registrar's control panel. This is essential because even if you lose control of your website and hosting, by having ownership and control of your domain, ensures you can point it elsewhere and get back online.

  • If you hired someone to build a website without putting in writing that they will pass ownership to you upon completion and final payment - they may actually own the website

Who really should organise & purchase your website's Hosting?

You should open your own account, in your business’ name. Ideally, do not buy hosting from your web designer as this ties you into them, but if you do, ask them for as much access as you can have i.e. the control panel, SFTP, database, etc.), should you need to access for yourself or another professional in the future.

Google Analytics


It is ok for your web designer to set up Google Analytics, as long as they set up a separate account for your business i.e. a separate account within Google Analytics, not necessarily a separate Google account. That keeps your data separate from the data of other sites.


We do the above AND give our clients Manage and Edit permissions so that our clients have control over the account, and can add and remove users within their business.

Email and Social Media and so on....


Adopt the same approach for your Email and Social Media and you will have control over important aspects of your business.

If you have any questions or require guidance, we would love to hear from you because we see 'first-hand' how not having ownership and control affects business owners.

Gina Dover-Jaques

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